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2xCH. Heaton's Illinois Storm
(2xNSTRA Champion)
(2015 Trial of Champions
3rd Runner up)


Norman's Tomoka Maggie MH
AKC Master Hunter
NSTRA Points

Setter Heaven's Lucky Star JH

AKC Junior Hunter (Title at 7 months) 

Norman's Tomoka Lucy JH

AKC Junior Hunter

Norman's Tekoa Kate JH
(AKC JH at 11 months)

Patriot's Thriller
NSTRA Points

Canine Good Citizenship Certificate 

Lowry's First Tri 

Mohawk's Black Beauty


1xCH. Norman's Stormin Liberty
(1xNSTRA champion)
2016 Regional 3rd RU

Tomoka's Lethal Weapon MH
AKC Master Hunter
(Nstra Points)

3xCH. Norman's Stormin Ringo JH
AKC Junior Hunter (Title at 6 months)
3-Time NSTRA Champion
2016 & 2017 Regional Final 4
2017 Trial of Champions-8th

Master Mohawk Kate JH
AKC Junior Hunter
NSTRA Placements

Tekoa Sadie Sioux Byerly JH
AKC Junior Hunter (first 2 legs at 7 months)

Setter Heaven's Midnight Max
(NSTRA Placements)

Crescent V's Regulator
Outstanding Hunting companion 


Mohawk's Ally
(NSTRA Placements)