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Client Hunting photos
The photos below have been sent to from clients of their dogs during or after a hunt.

hi Jim and Zach. i went up north duck hunting this weekend and Max retrieved 21 ducks and geese combined. didnt get too many pics cause i dont like my camera near water, but here are a few. Max did great. i wish you could have seen him retrieve his first live goose. man did he have a fight! the goose was beating Max pretty bad with his wings but he was persistant and dragged that goose back kicking and fighting the whole way. everyone was very impressed. he also pointed the first grouse he has seen and retrieved it no problem.  just wanted so send a few pics like i told you i would. talk to you guys later, Rob

  Roxy pointed this roster twice and he ran on her both times he just wouldnt hold.  After i had her quarter and work back to us she figured it out after the second time he ran on her and cut him off and this is the pic of her pointing him just before dad got him up and got a good shot on him it was a very proud moment to see her do so well i cant thank you enough. Brian


Just thought I would forward you some pics my son took of Captain on a hunt.  He is an awesome dog! Great part of the family! Thank you,Terri Ann Dewey


Hi Jim, Gin is going to be a great dog. She minds well, looks great as you can see, and is just dying to please you. She can run like the wind. I took her to Kansas on a quail/pheasant hunt and she did great for her first trip. She has a great nose. I did not get her woe broke yet but she just hunts harder when she gets in to birds. I thought I would work on her holding birds after the season. We have a preserve close in Macedonia and I can take her there or here at the house. Thanks for the interest and I will keep you informed as she improves.Thanks, Mike Grisham

Mal Parsons with Star as a young dog after hunting grouse in Canada.

Steve Choquette with Kate & Lalya after a Pheasant hunt.

Jim, Here are pictures of Kate.  She is wonderful.  Think she will be a great hunting dog.  Constantly has nose to ground and is responding to the little training we have done so far.  We are taking her to our quail hunting club in 2 weeks to see how she responds.  She is healthy and very happy.  Loves people and is very affectionate.  We are thrilled with her. This is a better picture of Kate hunting today.  She did great.  Had
four solid holds on birds!  Hunted for an hour. Shade & Ann Murray

Hi Jim, Pete is doing great.  I'm really pleased.  He is a great addition to the family and has a friendly disposition with everyone he meets.  He has been on 5 or 6 pheasants hunts this year, mostly in November when he was only 5 months old.  Whereas most pups his age will just follow behind the owners heels, he has been out front with the experienced dogs in thick cover having a great time.  As expected he doesn't know exactly what to do yet, but he did knock a wounded bird out of the air that jumped back up to try and fly away.  I'm sure he is going to be a good bird dog. Thanks, Jim Harrold


Hey Jim and Zack, I have a few pics working Max on some quail. Hopefully i will be able to hit some fall hunt tests, and get to hunt. I swear max is part lab. I been stayin at a house with a pond, and hes always out there swimmin around. Thats why is is such a nice duck dog. Thanks, Rob Kilbourne

Mandi wild bird hunting in Illinois owned by Chris Hurst

Riggs after a day at the hunt club owned by Jim Rouse